A Trinidad and Tobago Social Studies Trivia Game

Kids have fun while playing and learning important aspects of our History, Geography, Citizenship Education, Life Skills and General Knowledge

Each card has two (2) questions. Players must answer both questions correctly to obtain letter tokens for each theme.

Unique, Fun and Engaging Style

Clever Kids is very interactive, engaging and lots of fun. Use Clever Kids to help kids learn important aspects of our country.

Built With Kids in Mind

Questions are kids friendly while engaging enough to keep their attention. They won’t even realize there’re  learning. Its that’s much fun and more.


Clever Kids can be adapted for any age group and any topic. Great for schools, kids parties or all round family fun.

Choose from the following categories:

History, Life Skills, Citizenship Education, Geography, and General Knowledge.

With Clever Kids
Learning is a breeze.

Learning does not have to be boring, make it interesting and help your kids learn with minimal effort. Give it a try today.



With Clever Kids, all players are winners.

Players can trade two (2) of the same letters for any token they may need towards spelling the word “CLEVER”. The first player to do so, wins the game, however; everyones a winner in the end with the knowledge gained.


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